Monthly Healing Teas

Yoga And Afternoon Tea Monthly first Friday of every month.

Friday’s Ayurveda Yoga Afternoon Tea

11:00 AM: Yoga
Followed by Seasonal Ayurveda chakra afternoon Tea.

Yoga and Ayurveda together form a complete approach for optimal health, vitality and higher awareness. YOGA AND AYURVEDA reveals to us the secret powers of the body, breath, senses, mind and chakras.

Instructor Dian Packer: Is a Yoga Ayurveda wellness life coach that will be guiding you on your journey to optimal health and healing.

These sister sciences are complete when practiced together. Yoga is the first and foremost a science of Self-realization. Ayurveda is primary a science of Self –healing aimed at reliving the disease of body and mind. Through Ayurveda one can restore wholeness to body, mind, and the inner self which is a spiritual healing. The link between yoga and Ayurveda is prana, our life force.

In this class you will learn basic Ayurveda principals how to eat, and change your life style with the seasons. How to connect the breath (prana) to the postures (asanas) yoking body, mind and spirit. For self-healing and self realization.

Serenity Tea House Inn
740 Park Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446

RSVP: (805) 239-9591